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Guide to Straight Razors

When a man uses a straight razor the result it provides is a close shave and the skin does not experience irritations after shaving. Today when men are now focused on skin care, the straight razor is staging a comeback after being relegated to the background for years.

Straight razors were invented in the early 1700s. Men preferred using straight razor for shaving until the 20th century. It was not common for men to shave at home before so they had to go to the barber because it was only the barber who has perfected the use of a straight razor, giving the men a close, fast shave. Most men did not do their own shaving, they had to hire the services of a barber to do it for them. This was the case until the disposable safety razor was invented.

The popularity of the straight razor died as the result of the coming of the disposable safety razor which was very convenient to use, even thought it was very expensive at that time. When the use of the straight razor dipped, barber schools had to change how they educated their would-be barbers. They have to focus less on perfecting the ability to shave another man.

Today, the number of men learning how to use a straight razor at home is slowly increasing. It is possible to make your straight razor last you a lifetime by ensuring that the blade is taken care of properly. The straight razor has a manly appearance and it offers a close shave and this is the reason why men are now finding an appeal in using it.

Since it does not cause much skin irritation, many men love using it. Ladies love watching men us a straight razor because of its manly appeal.

There are important stropping methods to learn before using a straight razor. Blades have to be stropped before using your straight razor. Leather and canvas strops are the common strops to use. Stropping is the method of straightening and polishing the blades to keep them sharp and performing well. Your need to hone your blades at least twice or thrice each year. Blades can be sent out to be honed because it can be very dangerous since the blade is extremely sharp and has no safety features like the modern disposable razors.

People who want to use a straight razor need the commitment of time. Each morning, you need to spend a considerable amount of time to use the straight razor for shaving. Men say that it is refreshing and helps them to get focused for the day if they shave with a straight razor. Men who are always on the run should just use a disposable or electric safety razor.

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