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Things you don’t know About Ric Flair

Most people love professional wrestling and they know almost all those who participate in the sport.It could be that you have come across the name Ric Flair or maybe you are his fan. In this article, you will get to know more about Ric Flair.

Ric Flair is one of the best wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. Be advised that he has been in the WWE hail of fame for a decade. He did all that he could to ensure that he made important steps in the wrestling shows.He had influence even on rappers and he influenced an entire generation with his fabulous lifestyle.

Note that Ric is the holder of the most unique wrestling titles in recent times. The funniest part is that Flair is not sure about his true name. Flair was taken to a children’s home after he was born in 1949.Note that the Memphis children’s facility was infamous and was known for seizing children and giving them for adoption. And that is why he does not know his real name.

After some time, Ric met a friend and they started training together. The workouts were quite tough and Ric almost gave up but his friend would not let him quit.Note that they used to do the training in a barn in Memphis. Note that Flair made it through the training and he started performing in various places in the USA.

Flair started becoming great and he started going overseas for gigs.Ric’s career almost ended unexpectedly as he was going to North Carolina and the plane crushed. The pilot of the ill-fated aircraft died, Ric broke his back and the man who was with them became paralyzed.Sad news was that his doctor told him that he would never be able to wrestle anymore.

Ric entered the ring after staying out for a long eight months and he came back with new tactics. Flair was one lucky man because he survived a lightning strike as he got off a plane as he was going for a gig. The umbrella he was holding was hit by the lightning and it was thrown behind him where it hit a man in the eye and killed him instantly. The incident made Ric very scared.

Ric Flair’s robes were worth ten thousand dollars and the funniest thing is that he never had the money. He claims to have slept with ten thousand women.

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