The Importance of Properly Fitting Shoes

When the feet hurt or burn, the entire body begins to ache. The ankles start to weaken from carrying all the pressure and weight of the body. Knees will start to ache, followed by the hips, and pain will make its way to the lower back.

By now, fatigue sets in and every step or minute on the feet makes it more intense. If the shift drags on, or duties require being on the feet, the shoulders and neck will hurt next. The result can be a twisted ankle, a buckling of the knee, or some other injury.


All this pain and fatigue is most commonly caused by ill-fitting shoes or the wrong type of shoe for the activity. Proper footwear and an excellent fit can make a crucial difference in how the whole body feels during the day. A casual shoe, for example, that does not have any cushioning and does not support the ankle should not be worn all day long.

High heels are popular, supposed to make the legs look longer and thinner, and add height. That may be fine for special occasions but is not wise all day every day. Extra pressure is placed on the ball of the foot, the toes are squished together, and the ankle has little to zero support.

Special Shoes for Work

Work boots or other mandatory shoes may be heavier than regular shoes, but should not cause pain. If they do, the fit is not right. Purchasing required work shoes or boots is a serious activity. Pulling a cheap pair off the department store shelves is not a smart idea.

Go to an actual store that carries high-quality boots and shoes for professionals. Staff will have experience fitting people properly, and they can recommend the perfect brand and features based on job duties. Those who are required to wear safety boots will need a steel toe cap. If work boots are needed but do not have to be safety ones, a non-steel toe cap will be lighter and more flexible.

Problems with the Foot

In some cases, the issue is not the shoes but the condition of the foot. Hammer toes, corns, bunions, or ingrown toenails can cause pain regardless of the shoes. A podiatrist appointment is needed. Insoles can be custom made to address most foot issues. Do not suffer from pain that will only get worse.

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